Auction 2.0 is coming soon!

This is an update regarding the process of Auction, an experimental font family with sign-painterly roots that I’ve been working on. In short, as Auction is developed, customers receive updated font files and get to see how a typeface comes to fruition. You can learn more on Auction’s blog.

Why the jump up to 2.0?

The last update was from 1.0 to 1.1, so you might be thinking, “Why the jump up to 2.0?” I was working on another incremental update (which would have been 1.2), however, as I was working with it and testing it myself, I realized some major changes need to be made. Since characters are being reconsidered, weights are being refined, and characters are being added, it didn’t seem right to call this next update 1.2—so 2.0 it is!

What changes and updates are being made?

New Weights!

One of the major changes comes in the form of refining Auction’s weights. As I was working with Auction, I was realizing the Light and Regular weights were a bit too close, and I was experiencing lots of issues with the Bold weight. So Auction Light is becoming lighter, the Regular is becoming a hair lighter, I’ll likely introduce a Medium or a Semi-Bold weight, and potentially a thin weight (between Light and Regular).

Better Spacing!

Man, oh man—Auction needs some better spacing. And I plan on improving it! Spacing is a dark art and I’m slowly getting better at it. Previous versions of Auction didn’t have any kerning, but I’ll be introducing some basic kerning pairs in 2.0 to make typesetting less of a headache.


You heard that right—lowercase will be included in 2.0 but there’s still some work to be done. I love Auction’s lowercase because at first glance it’s not overzealous but upon closer inspection its quirkiness and character begins to shine. I’m super stoked to introduce these!

Numbers and Punctuation!

Hell yeah! You’ll soon be able to shout, ask questions, pause in the middle of sentences, hyphenate, and even just bring your sentence to an end. Pretty neat, right? There will be your plain ol’ 0–9 proportional digits, and a select amount of punctuation—just enough to get the job done. This will become more robust over time.

What about Auction Contrast?

For the time being, Auction Contrast will remain where its at. Instead, I plan on focusing on plain ol’ Auction and working on Auction Contrast in the background. Those updates will come at a later version.

When can we expect the update?

Asking the hard questions, I see. It definitely won’t be ready this weekend, but perhaps it’ll be ready by the end of next weekend (realistically it’ll be the weekend following that). I’ll be honest in saying I can’t promise that though. I work a full-time job so it can be very difficult to squeeze in time to work on Auction, but I’m trying my darn hardest! I wake up at 4 AM every morning just so I can get a little bit of work in on it before going for my run and then heading to work. (Worry not, this isn’t detrimental to my health—I enjoy it and go to bed early.)

Will the price be changing?

Damn right it will. As with every update and improvement, Auction’s price will continue to go up to reflect its quality and value. How much will 2.0 cost? I’m still trying to determine that. Auction currently has four weights and it’ll soon increase to five or six, plus its character set will be increasing by over 250%, and it’s just going to be down right better, so I suspect the price will likely double (or more) what it’s at now. Right now, Auction is available for $30, so Auction 2.0 will likely be sold somewhere between $60–80.

All in all, Auction is getting better. It’s taking time, but it’s getting there. I’m really excited for this next update. If you’ve bought Auction and are enjoying it, I encourage you to share it with a friend. Let them know a big update is coming, so if they want to get it for $30, they better get it soon. If you haven’t gotten Auction yet, the same applies to you. Alternatively, if you’re really excited about the project and want to show your support, you can intentionally wait for the update to get it for the higher price.

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