Wait For Nothing

I’m going to wait until everything is finished and polished before I share it.

I’m going to wait until I have more followers to post about this.

I’m going to wait until I’m more established to sell this product.

I’m going to wait until I’m an expert before I start sharing what I’ve learned and trying to teach others.

I’m going to wait until engagement is higher.

I’m going to wait until tomorrow to make that call.

If you’re willing to wait for better conditions to take action, be willing to wait forever. We will convince ourselves that our wait is justified because we’re trying to optimize our metrics or that we’re going yield better results by waiting. Whether or not that’s true doesn’t matter because your choice to wait puts you in a position of reacting to your circumstances rather than creating them yourself.

When you wait, you’re developing a habit of procrastination and arbitrary standard. The inverse of waiting is shipping. When you ship whatever it is that you’re working on, even if it’s before everything is polished, you’re developing a habit of initiation and iteration.

It’s more important to build a habit of shipping, initiation, and iterating than it is to maximize your metrics. Waiting in hopes to optimize results is short-term thinking. The more you wait, the longer you allow yourself to wait and procrastinate later on. The more you ship and iterate in public, even if that comes at the cost of slightly lower numbers (which is rarely ever the case) then the more you will continue to create, share, and build an invested audience.

Our daily habits define what our long term looks like. If you’re waiting until tomorrow to create something, down the road you’ll still be waiting. If you’re waiting to post, down the road you’ll still have yet to post something. The inverse is, if you’re creating, sharing, and engaging today, down the road you’ll also be creating, sharing, and engaging.

Our habits are a reflection of our future. If you’re willing to wait, you’re willing to be known as a procrastinator and you’re willing to be forgotten. Making a commitment and developing a habit of shipping is much more difficult. Any one can sit can sit around and wait, most of us do, but if you want to be a person of initiation then it starts today.

The numbers do not matter. The metrics do not matter. Draw a circle and post it. Write three sentences and share it. Do what ever you can to start building that habit of initiation because the long term will always compensate for quality or numbers. This circle you just drew and posted is not a defining moment in your career. Nothing you post at any given moment is defining of who you are or the work you create. Instead, it’s the breadth of work developed over the long-term and the commitment to shipping which defines you. Wait for nothing, if you want to be an initiator, initiate.