What if you asked your readers or customers to unsubscribe?

I asked my subscribers to do exactly that, to unsubscribe from this blog. Here’s how the newsletter read:

No, I’m not shutting it down. No, I’m not taking a hiatus. What this is, is an opportunity for you to opt out. Perhaps these newsletters have been piling up in your email or you’re just not enjoying them anymore. That’s totally normal.

The reason I send this to you is because I’m not overly concerned with the numbers. I’m not obsessed with how many people are subscribed to this blog. What I do care about is making deep and meaningful connections with my readers. What is important to me is that those that are subscribed are receiving value.

In order for me to be making those types of connections and providing value, I can’t obsess over the numbers. Instead, it’s important and integral for me to be focusing on those that do care. The point of this blog is to pose difficult questions, spark conversation, and challenge you.

This is my challenge to you: unsubscribe. Take some time away from this blog; read what other people have to say. If you forget about this blog, was it really of that much value to you?

With all of this, I have to pose a question: what would happen if you gave your subscribers/followers/fans/customers an opportunity to do the same? No strings attached, no hard feelings, would they take it? These are tough questions to consider or to even answer, but they’re well worth it.

From that, we can ask: what effect will this have? Either on you, your business, or your customers. If you presented this opportunity and people took it or people didn’t, would would ​really​ happen?

Perhaps you’d be liberated from the feeling of being controlled by your numbers. Perhaps it’d reveal that a lot of people were no longer interested and you may have to change a few things. Perhaps it’d create conversation with your audience to discuss what you’ve been doing right or what could be changed.

More than anything, I believe presenting this opportunity is to place the focus on actual people, not numbers. Life isn’t about contractual agreements yet it seems that all we’re ever doing is accepting terms and being in a constant state of obligation.

So this is your opportunity to unsubscribe. There’s only one link in the footer, that’s how it’s always been. (Since you’re on the actual blog, that link of course doesn’t exist. In opposition, however, you’re welcome to subscribe for more thought provoking articles on the cross roads of creativity and business.)