Type Foundry Directory

This is a type foundry directory of sorts. Please note, this is not intended to extensively document all of the type foundries out there. Instead, this exists to better organize the foundries I’ve come to know and like, and develop a platform that makes it easier to find and filter through them as compared to my current bookmarks situation or what memory abilities permit.

To filter the list below, click on “Overview” with the blue icon next to it, and you will get a dropdown with fields to filter by.


Just because a foundry is available on Fontstand which allows for a 1-hour trial period does not mean that I’ve checked it off under Trial Fonts. Similarly, just because a foundry’s web fonts are available through either Fontstand or Typekit does not mean that I’ve checked it off under Web fonts either.

The reason for both of these is entirely personal. While I like the 1-hour Fontstand trial or the very cheap rental option, it can be cumbersome and also requires that you use Fontstand. Regarding web fonts, I find that self-hosting fonts is often easiest, the least painful, and most customizable. I’ve also come to find that clients are less receptive to having use an external service.


If you have a suggestion for a foundry that should be included in the list or see any errors, please send me an email.