Time Is Worthless

Time cannot be gained nor lost. Time is simply a medium. Time can only be utilized.

Contrary to popular belief, time is not money—it doesn’t hold monetary value. It is more about the work we do with our time, for time isn’t valuable, but rather the way in which we use it is of value.

“The problem is, we think we have time.”

We think time is tangible and we can hold it. We assume our lives are piggy banks of time. Our lives have a beginning and an end, but time is fluid and remains outside our existence.

The truth is, time is worthless if we do nothing with it. Time is not lost if we choose not to work or do anything with it.

The only reason I write this is because too often I see loss of time used as an excuse. “If only I had more time…” “Sorry, I ran out of time…” The excuses could go on. These excuses though, are just a misappropriation of responsibility. It’s a lack of acknowledging that you have control over what you do with your time.

Imagine time relative to a blank canvas. This blank canvas holds potential, but just because there is potential doesn’t make it worth $787 million. That is how much Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is estimated to be worth. You see, it’s less about the canvas and more about what you choose to paint.

None of this is to say that efficiency doesn’t exist or time doesn’t matter. This is to say, stop attributing value to your time and instead attribute value to the things that are actually pushing you forward—your thought process, your work, your learnings, etc.

When you stop attributing value to time, excuses become limited and you put yourself in a mindset and position of continual growth.