The War On Boredom

The looming pressure of producing original thoughts has in turn produced a fear of thinking. As we strive to further expand our minds and take in more information to therefore make us more aware or educated we’re in fact losing our own ability to think.

Not only are we no longer required to think, but we’re expected not to. At our fingertips is access to other peoples thoughts and ideas, which are most often regurgitated thoughts and ideas of others. In this relay of thought process, where do you discover your own thoughts? Boredom.

Unfortunately, we have waged a war on boredom in the name of productivity. We are actively avoiding boredom because we have developed the expectation that we must filling our every waking moment with some type of consumption. Yet it’s in our moments of boredom that we cease to abide by the standards of convention. Boredom forces us to manipulate the limitations of our situation; only when limitations become a tool is it that we are innovative. You are more of your true self when you’re bored because you’re not caught up in the expectations of your environment. More original ideas have resulted from boredom than from staring at a screen. When you are not told what to think you must instead think for yourself.

Children are more likely to turn boredom into opportunity because they aren’t exposed to as many easy escapes as adults are. When we are in the company of others with nothing to do and nothing to say we can usually look to our phones for consumption and entertainment. Kids on the other hand don’t typically have this option, and generally need some sort of interaction between others. In these situations with seemingly nothing to do kids make due with what they are and have to see past the obvious. Blanket forts and most other childhood games and activities are often overlooked yet they arguably epitomize innovation. With a lack of responsibility and work, kids more often than adults find themselves bored; however, we never see kids as being bored because they are constantly changing their circumstances. They are the crafters of their imagination. If we are never bored then we are forced to constantly be the regurgitation of what we are consuming.