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  2. Hello—I'm Matthew Smith.

    I'm a designer, and lettering artist living in the historic town of Savannah, GA. This website is my application to the junior design position at Louise Fili LTD.

  3. Here's a bit about me

  4. I come from an incredible family of artists. Being the youngest of 4, my siblings have been my mentors and supporters from the beginning.

  5. My father, John Smith (also known as Smittee), is an artist and craftsman. When I was a kid, he built skate ramps for my brother and I, he's built an artificial life-size oak tree, and has recently been exploring steel sculture. He's been airbrushing for over 30 years, and has worked in the sign industry for equally as long. It's easy to say he's a huge inspiration of mine. This is him painting around home plate of Fenway park for the 1999 All Star game.

  6. My brother, Zachary Smith, and I have been attached at the hip since we were kids, and continue to be to this day. He's also a lettering artist and is a constant source of inspiration and feedback for me. (My father airbrushed that bus we're standing in front of)

  7. What's my interest in Louise Fili?

  8. Everyday I chose to focus on three things: my health in the form of running, art and design in the form of typography and lettering, and learning in the form of reading and constant experimentation.

  9. Above everything, I'm a learner. I'm interested in how history and different disciplines can inform my work, and I'm especially interested in process—what story to tell and how to tell it with my work.

  10. What work have I done?

  11. I worked with Adobe to create two overlay packs of lettering pieces to be a part of their photo editing app, Aviary. Their app allows users to easily edit their photos and offers them tools such as overlay packs to place different designs on top of their own photos.

  12. When creating two overlay packs for Aviary, we steered clear of overly generic topics and instead focused on what people are passionate about. We sought to target two specific groups: explorers and runners. We wanted to give them the tools to properly express and share their passion. The full case study can be found here.

  13. Yours Truly, Albert is an exhibition concept which takes the previous perception of Einstein as just a scientist and tosses it to the wind. This exhibit shines light on a side of Einstein most of us aren't familiar with. Although Einstein was a man of science, math, and logic, few remember or recognize him as a man of passion, emotion, and love.

  14. As a part of the exhibition, a narrative in the form of a 12 page tabloid was designed not only as promotional material, but for viewers to take and learn more about Einstein. Rather than filling the narrative with stereotypical Einstein content, it features a love poem from one of Einstein's letters, a poster, a short story about his mispronunciation of the word sandals, background on his love for music, and a list of ways he has signed off his letters.

  15. While the tabloid focuses on Einstein and functions as a source of information and reading, a letter writing kit for two was developed to be a part of the gift shop.

  16. I've been exploring replicating etching style illustrations, and recently wrapped up a series of divers for a San Francisco based Digital Marketing Agency as a part of their brand refresh.

  17. Blue Trumpet is stationed in an old service shop, so the identity draws inspiration from mid-century industrial design trends. Their identity pays homage not only to their location, but also serves to seperate them from stereotypical florist shops. The custom monoline blackletter gives a delicate touch to what would otherwise be a very dark logotype.

  18. When it comes to popcorn, most people think of the movies—they think of something really commercial. The goal with Gaston Popcorn Co was to create more of a craft and DIY experience. With the idea of making popcorn more custom, the custom package design derives from motor oil packaging, and makes use of custom type treatments for everything except the extended sans-serif (that's Mattox Shuler's Termina.)

  19. These are some custom type examples

  20. What am I up to right now?

  21. Through my love of typography and lettering, I've naturally found myself diving into the world of type design.

  22. This face I've been working on draws inspiration from Roman epigraphs, and is built for display. Once the bulk of the glyphs are developed, I'll begin to expand it into multiple weights. The hardest part seems to be naming it.

  23. I've also found myself exploring a more traditional route for my illustrations. At the moment, I'm primarily working with scratchboard, but I'm extremely eager to experiment with copper plate etchings.

  24. In case you're curious as to what I'm reading right now, I'm currently reading Lisa Randall's Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs as well as the complete collection of poems and selected letters of John Keats.

  25. These are some of the books I've recently finished. The one without any title is the Interrogative Mood, which is written entirely in questions—a strange but fun and intriguing read.

  26. Here's how you can contact me

  27. Matthew Smith

    386 416 8901

  28. Thanks so much!

    Here's where you can find me on the internet: