Lettering in Glyphs: A Process Video

The other day I recorded a process video of vectoring the sketch on the left in Glyphs (which is a type design and font editing program). Before I got into type design, I did all of my vector work in Adobe Illustrator, but as I started experimenting with Glyphs and becoming more comfortable with it, I found myself using it to vector my lettering. I would say I now use Glyphs for 90% of my lettering work including any logotypes I work on.

I made this video to walk through a bit of my vectoring process in Glyphs. Along the way I point out shortcuts I use, what plugins can help speed up the process, and some general tricks that make me love Glyphs. If you don’t want to watch an entire hour of process, check out the Table of Contents in the video description to skip to sections that pique your interest.

I’d encourage you to watch all of it, but if you want to see some highlights, check out the sections on:

  • Tangent Handles
  • Shift anchor point along bezier handles/tangents
  • SuperTool
  • All of the measuring sections

If you’re interested in seeing videos on anything else, whether that be in Illustrator, Photoshop, Glyphs, etc. please let me know!