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Time Is Worthless

Time cannot be gained nor lost. Time is simply a medium. Time can only be utilized. Contrary to popular belief, time is not money—it doesn’t hold monetary value. It is more about the work we do with our time, for time isn’t valuable, but rather the way in which we use it is of value….
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Timeless Design Does Not Exist

Regardless of the field we are in, we are constantly being told what to do or what to follow. With design, the ideal that’s put on a pedestal, that everyone will then point at and say “do this,” is timeless design. A vision of what is considered timeless design has been crafted over time, ever…
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Thinking 500 Years Ahead

We are primarily short term thinkers. We do something and then expect to see results. We want immediacy. Most of us don’t even consider the long term picture, but for those of us that do, long term simply means planning for the future. As this continues to dwindle, even fewer people are focusing on long…
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