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How Deleting Instagram and Twitter Made Me More Creative

The people you follow, your Instagram feed, your Twitter feed, your Dribbble feed: these are all sacred, they’re your muse. For most people, that’s how they feel. I say, they are your shackles and your demise—you just don’t know it yet. Don’t worry, neither did I. It wasn’t until after deleting Instagram and Twitter that…
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The Ethics of Sponsored Posts

With the increase of sponsored posts on Instagram, users are beginning to question the integrity of what others are sharing. The question being, “Is this person being paid to post this or are they personally endorsing this product or company?” On Instagram there are two types of sponsored posts: Official sponsored posts are automatically integrated…
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The New New Year’s Resolution: Improving Your Digital Health

Happy New Year! “New year, new me,” right? This is the popular theme around this time of year. As we all sweep another year under the rug most of us envision ways of improving ourselves, ridding away of bad habits, and setting forth new goals. Of all the New Year’s Resolutions the most typical tends…
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