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May Net 30 Burn In Hell: Why You’re Being Disrespected

Net 30: “Do this work for us, give us that work, then 30 days later you will get paid.” Even worse are net 45, 60, or even 90. Sadly, these have become the so-called standards for working in the design industry. Another way of looking at net 30 is, “We don’t respect you, we don’t…
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Who Is In Your Line?

Most of us hate waiting, we despise it, we avoid it at all costs. This is not a restaurant review—this is an observation of how a restaurant can craft such an experience that the wait to get in is worthwhile and embraced. While most businesses attempt to eliminate lines and the wait altogether, they’ve earned…
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How Do You Hire Employees That Care?

There are so many places I absolutely dread going to because I know I can expect poor or just plain ol’ lazy customer service. This seems to have become the norm. It’s rare that I have an experience that blows me away, but I recently had an experience at Whole Foods which was exactly that….
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