The independent design studio and type foundry of Matthew Smith.

Branding & Identity Design

My focus is on better understanding and developing brands—I’m here to challenge and empower you to think bigger and do bigger things.

I’m interested in brand strategies that enable innovative thinking, brand identities that fluently stretch across mediums, art direction that is fun and engaging, and ultimately, developing memorable brand experiences.

Retail Fonts

At the moment, I don’t have any retail fonts available, but have a number in the works. The best way to know about new releases and updates is by subscribing to my newsletter where you’ll also receive articles every Thursday or by keeping in touch via twitter.

Custom Fonts & Lettering

Designing a custom typeface stands as an opportunity to develop a unique and specific visual identity that can immediately elevate your brand. In addition to offering exclusive or non-exclusive custom typeface design, we can work together to create modifications to an existing typeface or go entirely custom through means of lettering.