A Transparent Thank You

You—yes, you. I want to say thanks. Without you, I wouldn’t be writing every week. Without you, I wouldn’t be continuing to challenge myself to become a better writer, a better designer, a better person. Without you, I wouldn’t be practicing consistency on a regular basis. Without you, I wouldn’t be challenging myself to think differently.

You make all the difference. With you, I feel not only the responsibility but also an ever increasing desire to challenge conventional ideology and industry standards, pose difficult questions, and continually show up week after week. With you, I’m given the confidence I need to pursue other ventures and opportunities. With you, I’m constantly fueled by support and positivity.

With you, I’m given a purpose.

At 120 articles, we’re well over 2 years into this. In this time, the newsletter has grown to 53 subscribers. And of those subscribers, a rough average of 57% actually open the emails meaning about 29–31 people might be reading the articles I send out every week. This is a relatively small number. This hasn’t turned out to be some internet sensation, this isn’t my get rich quick scheme, this isn’t my place to build “Mattymatt’s Army.”

But I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for that because I get to send out posts like the one today, ones that feel personal, ones that I know will connect with you.

The truth is, there have been many times that I’ve come extremely close to stopping this newsletter and my writing all together. I constantly struggle with it. It’s not easy, but you’ve proven to me that this is a fight worth having. You’ve proven to me that this is all worth it. I don’t cry very often, and it feels silly sharing this with you, but I have eyes full of tears as I write this. Your support means so much more than you know.

You make this possible. My newsletter may be small, but I take extreme pride in those that choose to read it—I take extreme pride in you. So once again, with my entire being, thank you.